Neymar Transfers to PSG

One of the biggest transfer rumors in football history has been confirmed today. The 25 year old Brazilian has agreed to a 450€ million over 5 years. The news came as a shock to the entire Barcelona community given how beloved Neymar has been. PSG has bought out Neymar’s clause for an estimated 222€ million. Many analyst in the football world are questioning Neymar’s motives given his celebrity status at the Spanish club. Ulterior intentions suggest that Neymar intends to step into a bigger role with PSG as their main superstar player while at Barcelona he spilt the spotlight with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

PSG has been searching for the missing link to make a strong push for the champions league trophy and with the addition of Neymar, they make a strong candidate for the upcoming season. Striker Edison Cavani and winger Angel Di Maria will both need to continue their world class play despite growing older as time moves forward. There is also an outside chance that Neymar is joined by Liverpool attacking midfielder, Philipe Coutinho. Coutinho has demonstrated some of the best midfield skills in all of football. He will indefinitely exit Liverpool and either make a new home in Paris or the far more likely destination, Barcelona. Barcelona will certainly miss Neymar and will be in a hurry to fill the gap at his position with only a month remaining in the current transfer window.