Top 6 Players to Watch in 2017 College Football Season

26 days remain till complete mayhem, also known as, the inaugural start of the 2017 college football season. Some of the best teams will be on display including huge games between the likes of #16 Florida vs. #9 Michigan, #20 West Virginia vs. #22 Virginia Tech, and most notably, the monumental matchup between #1 Alabama and #3 Florida State. Without question this season will be the most action-packed since the creation of the college football playoff, any team in the top ten could beat one another on any given day which makes for great competitiveness and down right good football. Here are the 6 players in college football that you’ll want to know when they’re playing on TV.

6.) Jake Browning QB Washington

Browning led the Huskies to an impressive college football appearance last season and emerged out of a very fierce PAC-12. They will look to do the same, ranked the 2nd highest of the PAC-12 teams at #7. They will have a tough time coming up against the Trojans of USC who are the only team ranked ahead of them at #4. Browning proved last year he has the ability to take over games and make big plays against good defenses but he will need to step up another level if he wants to take the Huskies back to the college football playoff.

5.) Bo Scarbrough RB Alabama

Does Scarbrough remind you of anyone? Oh yeah, the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner, Derrick Henry, from the same school as Bo. The current Alabama back has the same rare ability to shed tackles in the open field and bust out the occasional burst of speed to blow by a pursuing linebacker. Alabama comes in as the unanimous #1 seed in all of college football but the SEC always has some tricks up their sleeves with other notable teams such as #12 ranked LSU and #13 ranked Auburn. Bo needs to become a better lateral runner as last year he showed his ability to dominate the inside runs but soon, defenses will scout him and he will have a tough time making plays if he can’t adjust.

4.) Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma

For a while now, Sooner fans have been saying this is the year Mayfield will win the Heisman. 2017 could be his year as Mayfield enters his senior year looking to take Oklahoma to their first college playoff. Oklahoma comes into the season ranked #8 and despite losing stud running back Joe Mixon, the Sooners are still poised to make a run at a Big 12 championship and beyond. His 2016 stats reflect his ability to both run and pass the ball effectively, it will now be a matter of whether or not Mayfield has that IT factor late in games to carry his team across the finish line victorious.

3.) Lamar Jackson QB Louisville

Last year’s Heisman Trophy winner is clearly an exciting player to watch. His one of a kind ability to run the ball better than most running backs brings a unique dual threat to Louisville’s dying offense. The Cardinals come into the season ranked #17, obviously not a place they want to be in, especially with such a dominate quarterback under center. Jackson’s passing ability has always been a question mark and this season is a big test for the rising junior.

2.) Saquon Barkley RB Penn State 

Barkley showed the world his unparalleled ability to run the ball in last year’s Rose Bowl game against a good USC defense. Coming back to the 2017 season ready to make a run at the Heisman Trophy and a college football berth. Barkley will need to use QB Trace McSorley to his advantage. McSorley struggled from time to time last season with the occasional duck of a pass but coming back looking a lot sharper the two will need to use each other in order to keep defenses guessing on every snap.

1.) Sam Darnold QB USC

Darnold is without question the number one player in college football right now. He mirrored the same passing ability as great college football QB’s, Matt Leinart and AJ McCarron. His ability to stand in the pocket and extend plays is unmatched by any other quarterback in college football. Doubts remain as to whether or not Darnold can maintain his impeccable form or whether he will be a one hit wonder. The Trojans come in at the #4 seed looking to punch their first college football playoff ticket.