Carson Wentz, Our Savior

The next great sports superstar isn’t in Boston, he isn’t in LA, he isn’t in NY (@AaronJudge), he is in Philadelphia. Carson Wentz is the Eagles’ franchise QB and every game gets me more excited for the moment we will lift the Lombardi Trophy. This past Thursday the Eagles took on the Green Bay Packers in their preseason opener in Green Bay. The game itself was rather boring besides the Eagles opening drive where we got a taste of sophomore Carson Wentz and the new Eagles offense and man was it delicious. Talk about connecting on all cylinders, the birds will undoubtedly be flying high this season. The Wentz to Mack Hollins touchdown pass made me jump out of my seat and scream, “WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL,” it is the Eagles time.

With Ezekiel Elliott out for the Cowboys, the NFC East just got a whole lot easier. Sure we still have a very menacing Giants team to worry about and an underrated Redskins but c’mon, the Redskins always choke and Eli is older and throws worse than my 82 year old grandmother, god bless her heart. I don’t care who you put on WR, you need a QB to get it to them and Eli Manning is about to hang ’em up. Sorry Eli, there isn’t a story book ending for you like there was for Peyton. My advice, get out of the game before Ronald Darby picks you off twice and Fletcher Cox dances all over your offensive line on his way to three sacks.

Eagles fans, get excited because if this year isn’t the year, it is coming. I can smell it and my nose doesn’t let me down baby. I could smell a Phillies title run in ’08 and that same fragrance is coming off this Eagles team.