Is Villanova a Philly School?

Recently, Villanova won their second championship in three years, thrusting them into a historic threshold. Jay Wright is now no doubt a hall of fame coach and Donte DiVincenzo’s 31 points off the bench will be remembered for quite a while. Nevertheless, many sports pundits and locals are asking if Nova’s championship should even be considered a Philadelphia sports triumph. We will analyze the pro and con arguments and then you can come to your own conclusion.

Villanova IS a Philly school:

I mean they have to be, right? Villanova is a member of the Big Five, a historically Philadelphian basketball tournament that showcases the best teams from the area–schools like St. Joe’s and Temple, widely recognized Philly schools, consider Villanova one of their main rivals. The fairly large contingency of Villanova fans reside in Philly, Villanova fans and Philadelphia sports fans are synonymous in that there is a significant amount of overlap in fanship. In addition, Villanova is on the Main Line, an area often mentioned when talking about Philadelphia. I mean they play eight games at the Wells Fargo Center for crying out loud, not to mention their two championship parades were held in Philly. Therefore, Villanova is undoubtedly a Philadelphia school.

Villanova IS NOT a Philly school:

I mean how could they? Villanova is 40 minutes away from Center City, that’s two episodes of The Office, that’s a tiring jog on the treadmill, that distance should automatically disqualify Villanova as a Philly school. But, there’s more. Villanova is an insanely expensive, elite university that doesn’t even come close to the blue-collar, rugged environment Philadelphia emanates. Furthermore, Philadelphia already has their basketball school, Temple. Temple alumni dominate Philadelphia and although they haven’t been good recently, they still hold a special place in Philadelphians’ hearts.


What do you think, is Villanova a Philly school?