Why People Should Care About the MLB All-Star Game

The Major League Baseball Midsummer Classic is going to be extremely competitive this year. Ever since the league decided to take out world series home field advantage, fans of both baseball and sports in general have lost all interest in the game. So here is why people from the baseball fan who has a kid in little league and the biggest beer belly in this hemisphere to the woe’s me kinda sports fan who knows a little bit about everything should tune in Tuesday July 17th 8:00 PM.

First, this year’s talent alone is enough to watch at least 5 innings. The average American sports fan looks for action and these past two seasons have seen the most home runs hit in league history. While baseball doesn’t give you the hard hits and big plays like football and hockey, there is something to appreciate with the strategy and mental facet to the game of baseball.

The American League outfield is the most talented threesome in the history of baseball. Mookie Betts has been hitting the lights out in Boston, Aaron Judge is a freak of nature and continues to electrify Yankee Stadium almost every night, and Mike Trout who is the best player in baseball and one of the best all-time.

The pitchers in the game today have some of the most disgusting stuff since I started following baseball. Aaron Nola’s curve ball has me screaming every time I see it break 4 feet from the top of the strike zone to the ground all in about half a second.

Watch the All-Star game because for fans of baseball teams its a chance to see your players compete against the best and brightest stars. If you consider yourself a Phillies fan, you should’ve thrown a chair through a window when Aaron Nola was the only player selected from our team. Needless to say, are you not the slightest bit interested in seeing how he does? Same goes for every player who is pitching or hitting. Never again until this time next year will Cy Young contenders face triple crown favorites every at bat for 3 hours.

If you decide to just tune in without a particular reason, root for the National League. The NL has been bullied in the all-star game losing 17 of the last 21 games.

Watch the game.