Phillies Come Closer to Sealing the Division

With a great win, including a five run inning, against the Padres, this young Phillies lineup looks like it could make their first postseason appearance since 2011. The Phils currently lead the NL East and are third in the entire National League with a 54-42 record. Rising young talent like Odubel Herrera and Rhys Hoskins have propelled a fairly strong offense, and even though there are some talented pieces in the bullpen like Nola, Arrieta, and Dominguez their defense seems to be lagging behind. Nevertheless, this young group has managed through injuries and the less than satisfactory play of Scott Kingery and JP Crawford to a better than expected midseason record.

Although the Phillies are not close enough to make a really deep playoff run, their young and talented lineup along with their fruitful farm system should produce positive results in the upcoming years. In addition, they have been creating some free agent buzz with the potential signings of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper and even though those discussions have been doused a little by the failed attempt at obtaining Orioles’ shortstop, Manny Machado, the play on the field remains enticing to potential free agents.

With a fairly workable schedule against weak in-division teams like the Nationals and the Marlins and the consistent development of players like Nick Williams and the veteran leadership of players like Carlos Santana and manager Gabe Kapler, I could see the Phils maintaining a playoff worthy record throughout the rest of the season. Currently, ESPN projects them having the fourth highest playoff odds in the MLB with 64.6% and a projected total of 88 wins which is extremely exciting considering where this team was expected to place at the beginning of the season. Stay bold Phils, stay bold.