Top 5 Point Guards of All Time

As we enter the dry spell of sports talk, JTP thought it would be fitting to pin basketball’s greatest against each other in a five part series where we dive into the top five greatest at each position. Although fierce argument may ensue, that’s the essential beauty of sports. Enjoy.

1.) Magic Johnson


We’d thought we celebrate Magic’s recent free agency triumph with putting him number one on our list. Honestly, this selection was an easy one as Magic Johnson is widely considered the greatest point guard ever and one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Although he wasn’t a conventional scorer, only averaging 19.5 point per game, his flashy style and phenomenal basketball I.Q. spurred the NBA to sports prominence in the early 80’s. His career 11.2 assists per game established him as the greatest passer the NBA has ever seen, thrusting him to an all-time status. Magic was a 5x NBA Champion, 3x NBA MVP, and a 12x NBA All Star. Truly remarkable.

2.) John Stockton


The all time leader in assists and steals takes the number two spot on our list. Stockton was the master of the pick and roll with teammate Karl Malone and a relentless competitor. The 19-year member of the Utah Jazz contributed immensely to the Jazz’s great playoff runs of the late 90’s,while also cementing his status as one of the greatest to ever do it. Stockton was a 10x NBA All-Star, 2x All-NBA First Team member, and 5x NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team member, which I found extremely surprising considering he is the all time leader in steals. Nevertheless, Stock is one of the best point guards to ever live.

3.) Stephen Curry


Even though this writer is not the biggest fan of Steph Curry’s antics, you have to commend him as one of the greatest point guards ever. First, He’s on track to blow Ray Allen’s three-point record out of the water, making him the greatest shooter ever(even though he already is in this writer’s opinion). Second, he’s a two-time MVP and one of those MVP’s was a unanimous decision,a feat never accomplished before in NBA history. Third, he’s a three-time NBA Champion and a pioneering member of the Warriors’ mega dynasty. Also, if you take into account his five all-star appearances and two All-NBA 1st Team selections, you have quite an impressive resume.

4.) Isiah Thomas


Zeke, one of the greatest combo guards of all time, takes the number four spot on our list.  This twelve time All-Star led the “Bad Boy” Pistons against the likes of the Celtics, Sixers, and Lakers, some of the toughest teams in NBA history. His grit and determination, even going to the extreme of playing on a broken ankle, proved he was worthy of his back to back championships in 1989 and 1990. Isiah is a hall of famer and all-around legend that was so influential a current NBA player took his namesake. Now that’s impressive.

5.) Oscar Robertson


The only reason Oscar wasn’t higher in this writer’s opinion is that he played in the infant stages of the NBA where the level of competition just wasn’t as high as the other players on this list. Regardless, this twelve time All Star and NBA Champion averaged a triple double over his first five seasons in the NBA(30.3 PPG 10.4 RPG 10.6 APG) and nearly a triple double over the span of his career. That’s utterly mind-blowing in today’s NBA. The Big O’s consistent dominance over his fourteen year career is one of the countless reasons he rounds out our list.