Top 5 Shooting Guards of All Time

We now transition from point guards to shooting guards in Just the Phacts’ all time NBA positional rankings.

1.) Michael Jordan


Was this even in question? Michael Jordan tops our list as the undoubtable greatest two guard ever and arguably the greatest basketball player to ever live. The numbers speak for themselves as Jordan was a six-time NBA Champion, a five time NBA MVP, and he averaged 30.1 PPG, the highest points per game stat of all time. His pure greatness on and off the court endeared him to the American public as a generation defining athlete, while also making him a cultural icon that will be remembered forever.

2.) Kobe Bryant


The closest player to MJ we have ever seen, Kobe Bryant comes in at number two to the surprise of no one. The Black Mamba was a five time NBA Champion, an MVP, and an astounding eighteen time NBA All-Star. Kobe’s determination and focus aided his relentless pursuit towards winning; a gritty approach appropriately dubbed by Kobe enthusiasts as the “Mamba Mentality”. Kobe’s clutch plays and championship attitude alongside his incredible talent put him at number two on our list.

3.) Dwyane Wade


Dwyane Wade, one of the most underrated players of all time, finally gets the credit he deserves as he takes the number three spot on our list. Wade has been a beloved player in Miami and the NBA ever since he was drafted by the Heat in 2003. His character and class make him a great teammate but his skill and tenacity make him a fierce competitor. This is evident in his three NBA championships, twelve all-star selections, and NBA Finals MVP award. Very few players are so readily associated with an NBA franchise like Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat, so therefore he deserves a high-ranking spot on our list.

4.) Jerry West


“The Logo” has to be in the discussion as one of the greatest two guards ever so that’s why he takes the number four spot on our list. West was an NBA MVP, an NBA Champion, and a fourteen time NBA All Star, making him one of the NBA’s earliest superstars. Although West was defeated multiple times in the playoffs by the powerhouse Celtics, he earned the nickname “Mr. Clutch” because of his efficient scoring and late game heroics. This hall of famer has been a model of how to play the game the right way for decades and his legacy continues on even as president of the Los Angeles Clippers.

5.) Allen Iverson


Looking for who is the fifth greatest shooting guard in NBA History? Look no further because “The Answer” is right in front of you. Allen Iverson’s impressive ball handling skills and scoring acumen was extremely impressive, but it was his toughness and passion for the game that made him a legend. AI was an eleven time NBA All Star, an MVP, and a four time scoring champion. No player embodies the city of Philadelphia quite like Allen Iverson and that’s why he’s a hall of famer and a bona fide legend.

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