Top 5 Power Forwards of All Time

Just the Phacts’ theme of the week is power so it seems fitting we rank the top five power forwards of all time.

1.) Tim Duncan


The Big Fundamental tops our list of the greatest power forward ever. Timmy D sparked one of the most consistent dynasties in sports in the San Antonio Spurs and set a standard for how a true pro should act on and off the court. Although he was a very stoic player his accolades speak loudly; he was a five time NBA Champion, a two-time NBA MVP, and a fifteen time NBA All-Star. Without a doubt Tim Duncan tops our list.

2.) Karl Malone


The Mailman certainly delivers which is why he is number two on our list. Karl’s impressive stats and accolades include two MVP’s, fourteen All-Star selections, and eleven all-NBA first team selections. His pairing with Stockton created possibly the greatest one two punch in NBA history and an insane amount of pick and roll buckets, which is why it’s not shocking he is second all-time in points. He is a first ballot hall of famer and a no doubt number two player on our list.

3.) Charles Barkley


Sir Charles, the Hall of Famer and flamboyant TV personality, is number three on our list.  Barkley’s polarizing personality sometimes overshadows how good of a player he was in his prime. The Round Mound of Rebound has a MVP, eleven All-Star selections, and five All-NBA first team selections, accolades not expected of him when he was drafted as an undersized, overweight player from Auburn. Charles defied critics’ expectations and became an all timer and number three on our list.

4.) Dirk Nowitzki 


The third oldest player in the NBA takes the fourth spot on our list. Dirk, one of the most underrated players in the league, is a first ballot hall of famer with some unbelievable stats; he has the sixth most points of all time and he is a member of the 50-40-90 club. In addition, he has some impressive awards: a NBA championship, a MVP, and a NBA Finals MVP. This German born legend is a no doubt hall of famer and a no doubt member of this list.

5.) Kevin Garnett


This future first ballot hall of famer with an insatiable desire to compete rounds out our list. The Big Ticket was a driving force in the early 2000’s and helped develop the NBA into the league it is today. Garnett was a NBA Champion, a MVP, and a fifteen time All-Star. His 21 year career spanned three decades and his impact will span many more decades. Therefore, he indisputably deserves a spot on this list.