LeBron James Builds the I Promise School

LeBron James, one of the most famous athletes, philanthropists, and people on the planet, just opened his long-awaited project of the I Promise school. James regards this school’s opening as “one of the greatest moments of his life” and is more than excited to offer such a bountiful opportunity to some of the poorest students in the Akron area.

The I Promise school includes free tuition, free uniforms, free bicycle and helmet, free transportation within two miles, free breakfast lunch and snacks, a food pantry for families, GEDs and job placement services for parents, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates. LeBron’s overwhelming generosity is something to look up to in sports and more importantly in life.

Although there is a fervent debate between LeBron and Jordan on who is the greatest basketball player ever, LeBron undoubtedly trumps Jordan in his philanthropic endeavors. It is truly a miracle that LeBron, someone who was heightened to a superstar level at the age of fourteen, has served as such an incredible role model to young men and women of all walks of life.

Hopefully, James’s impactful, charitable contribution to society can be seen as an example for how wealthy people should use their affluence to help the world become a better place.