Top 5 NBA Logos

5.)Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta went classic with their new look uniform design this year. They paid an homage to the teams of the 1980’s with the simple, yet clean red and white design. Atlanta complements the unique mascot of a hawk well with their sleek red and white design with the basketball club trim.


4.) Golden State Warriors

Golden State’s logo does a great job of embodying the Oakland–San Francisco Area. The daunting yet grandiose nature of the Golden Gate bridge perfectly encapsulates what the Warriors are all about. Their strong foundation as an organization is really emphasized in this logo and the aesthetically pleasing gold and blue color combination to pair really makes this an eye-popping logo.


3.)Washington Wizards

I’m a huge fan of how the Wizards have rebooted their team image in recent years. Going from the outdated mustard gold and blue to red and blue was a huge move that really improved their brand overall. Similar to the Warriors, the Wizards utilize monuments, in this case the Washington Monument, that really represent their city and the unity of their team.


2.)Miami Heat

The main strength of Miami’s logo is, honestly, just how cool it looks. The flaming basketball with the ring around it. I mean c’mon. My ten-year old self is hyped beyond belief just looking at it. Because this logo speaks to my inner child I’m putting it at number two.


1.)Boston Celtics

Even though as a Philly guy, it’s tough to put Boston number one at anything, I have to put the Celtics’ logo at number one. The classic yet strangely modern look of the Celtic winking at you just screams “We have 17 championships. What do you have?” Therefore, the Celtics’ logo was an easy number one selection.