Top 5 NFL Logos

5.) Philadelphia Eagles


The Birds take our number five-spot for the best NFL logos. The screeching eagle with the clean black and green trim screams intimidating and pays homage to our nation’s bird, the bald eagle. The eagle is a fierce hunter that will do anything to survive; an attitude that essentially defines Philly football.

4.) Chiefs


The sharp, well-defined lines of the arrowhead logo with the cheeky K to C combination puts the Chiefs’ logo at the number four spot. Kansas City’s logo looks great on a helmet and represents the stadium in which they play in perfectly. Therefore, it is easy to see why Kansas City makes our top five.

3.) Chargers


The vibrant color combination of the navy and powder blue paired with the electric yellow really makes this logo pop when seen on the gridiron. The use of lightning as a main logo is unique in the NFL and all sports, so we had to give the Los Angeles Chargers a nod.

2.) Falcons


Atlanta takes our runner-up spot with a sleek and robust logo that strikes fear into the opponent. The daunting red and black color combination alongside the use of the Falcon to form a letter F make this logo impeccable. Hence, it has to be number two on our list.

1.) Raiders


The classic, gritty design of this logo embodies the city of Oakland and the Raiders’ “all or nothing” style of play. The cross of swords and the black shield project power and stability to the highest degree so it is obviously number one on our list.