Top 5 MLB Logos

5.) Baltimore Orioles


The Orioles classic black and orange logo just pops of the screen whenever you tune in to a game in Baltimore. The human-like features of the Orioles’ face along with the baseball cap make the logo look familiar and comforting, putting it at number five on our list.

4.) Brewers


The Milwaukee Brewers’ logo does a great job of capturing the nostalgia element while really embracing the identity of their mascot. The cursive M with the golden trim is appealing to the eye, while also projecting a “classic baseball” feel. In addition, the strand of wheat at the bottom signifies they are proud of their team identity and what their mascot represents. The Brew Crew’s logo comes in at number four.

3.) Angels


Anaheim’s logo is simple, yet effective. The distinct lines of navy paired with the two shades of red makes the logo look really sharp and the halo adds a nice piece to display their mascot. The Angeles logo looks great on a ball cap and that’s why its number three on our list.

2.) Yankees


The Yankees’ logo just screams “The Golden Age” of baseball, taking us back to a time where you walked down the street to the smell of apple pie and the tune of “When the Saints go Marching In”. The iconic nature of the Yankees logo makes it the most popular sports logo in the world; whether you’re in Brooklyn or Bangladesh you will most likely see the navy and white “NY”. For that reason, it’s number two on our list.

1.) Blue Jays


The Blue Jays logo is by far the most aesthetically appealing logo in baseball. The powder blue mixed with navy and a hint of Canadian red just catches your eye like no other logo does. Therefore, it is easily the best logo in baseball.