Top 5 NHL Logos

5.)Minnesota Wild


The Minnesota Wild’s logo starts up our list of the top five NHL logos. The integration of the Minnesota landscape with the figure of a bear really captures the tenacity and grit of this hockey club. In addition, the aesthetically pleasing color combination makes the logo undoubtedly worthy of a top five nod.


4.) Calgary Flames


The orange and fire-red color combo makes the Calgary Flames’ logo one of the best in the NHL. Even though the Flames haven’t seen success in quite a while, their fiery logo still has us tuning in.

3.) Philadelphia Flyers


With a unique color combination of orange and black, the Flyers set a precedent for classic NHL logos. The logo’s simple and sleek design just attracts attention; therefore, this logo is number three on our list.

2.) New Jersey Devils


The New Jersey Devils are one of the few professional sports team to embody a demonic figure as their mascot, but damn do they do it well. The pointed horns at the top of the J and N project their gritty style of play, while the black and dark red capture the viewer’s attention.

1.) Chicago Blackhawks


The Chicago Blackhawks’ logo tops our list of the top five NHL logos. The plethora of clashing colors oddly works well with the straightforward black and red of Chicago’s jerseys. This logo symbolizes winning to the highest degree so it has to be number one on our list.