Tiger Woods is Back, PGA Championship 2018

While the end of the final round at the PGA Championship didn’t see Tiger hoisting the Wanamaker trophy, we did see an amazing performance that raises the question, is Tiger Woods back? Going into the last day of competition, Woods was eight under and 4 shots off the leader, Brooks Koepka. People who even believed Tiger was back to his championship form couldn’t help but be surprised with his stellar Sunday round. Woods shot a 64, 2 shots away from the course record. Despite back to back top 10 finishes in major championships, many golf critics still believe Tiger isn’t back but JTP will be the first to tell you with 100% confidence, Tiger Woods is back.

When you watch the Tiger of old, you can’t help but jump out of your seat when the ball just seems to be on a string for him whether it stops right at the edge of the hole before dropping in or he’s sinking at 20 ft putt for a sweet birdie. What we witnessed yesterday gave us some of those same emotions. If you were truly invested in his round yesterday, you saw vintage Tiger Woods.

The amazing round began with a phenomenal 2nd shot on the 2nd hole. 114 yards away, Woods went straight at the pin and seem to just over shoot until the ball rolled abut 4 feet backwards towards the cup, setting up an easy birdie.

Next, on the 3rd, Woods’ tee shot landed within 6 ft of the cup which lead to his second birdie in three holes. While watching at home, you couldn’t help but cheer with the rowdy crowd in attendance as they saw the beginning of something special.

We saw the Tiger of old on the 9th hole after his tee shot took him wide left. While trouble for the average professional golfer, Tiger was able to find his way to within 10 ft from the cup.

Arguably the shot of the entire tournament came on the 15th hole for Woods. 164 yards from the hole, Tiger was able to bring the ball to within 5 ft of the hole, truly a vintage Tiger moment that brought the crowd to near tears.

Finally, Tiger would end the tournament with a stellar 20 ft birdie putt which officially announces… Tiger Woods is BACK!