Top 10 Plays from the Eagles’ Super Bowl Run

10.) Wentzy weasels his way out of the Redskins pile


9.) Jake the Snake Knocks One from 61 to Stun the Cryants


8.) The Second Coming Throws a Missile from his Knees


7.) “Flash” Agholor does his best D-Jax Impersonation

6.) The Billowing Bison Tosses Another Dot to Corey Clement

5.) Patty Rob Takes One from Keenum’s Breadbasket


4.) Jenkins Jostles Brandin Cooks’ Fillings

3.) Wentz Throws a TD on a TORN ACL!

2.) 55 Sends the “GOAT” to the Strip Club

1.) The Philly Special(**Chills Warning**)