Phillies win crucial second game against Boston

Entering tonight the Phillies had been playing some of the worst baseball of the entire season. The offense struggled to put runs on the board, the bullpen failed to hit their spots, and the fielding was an error filled catastrophe. Of all the teams I’d like to be playing from a fans perspective, the Red Sox are the last team I would choose. Last night, just when you thought the Phillies had figured things out and beaten the best team in baseball, they blew it by a final score of 2-1.

Tonight’s tough start for Vince Velazquez dug the Phillies an early hole but we saw a positive impact from the Phils offense when Rhys Hoskins and Nick Williams both got aboard just before Wilson Ramos’ second plate appearance as a Phillie…

In the 6th, it was Wilson Ramos who stepped up again for the Phillies offense as he lead the inning off with his first triple since 2011.

It was Odubel Herrera who was able to send a ball to deep right that gave Ramos enough space to tag from third and put the Phillies up 4-3. In the 7th, the Red Sox simply gave up with trying to get Wilson Ramos out as he doubled for the second time in the game.

Seranthony was called upon to put an end to the recent struggles and take the second game of the series vs the Red Sox. Doing just that, the Phils win by a final score of 7-3.