Mount Rushmore of 21st Century Philadelphia Athletes

Chase Utley

“The Man” 100 percent deserves a spot on this list. He is one of the most beloved athletes to come through Philadelphia and his blue-collar, nose to the grindstone approach to baseball will forever endear him to the Philadelphia faithful.

Allen Iverson

No athlete embodies the city and culture of Philadelphia quite like Allen Iverson. The number one overall pick out of Georgetown immediately had an impact on and off the floor. In addition, he is involved in countless great moments like his crossover on Michael Jordan and the classic A.I. step over in the 2001 NBA Finals. His gritty, underdog mentality was evident through the way he played every night and therefore he claims a spot on our list.

Brian Dawkins

Weapon X is one of the greatest safeties of all time, but also one of the greatest ever to wear the midnight green. His borderline psychotic attitude towards football and more importantly his unconditional love towards Philadelphia fans makes him an absolute legend that never fails at getting Eagles fans excited to watch their birds play.

Jimmy Rollins

The last spot was extremely tough to pick but we decided to go with J-Roll. This NL MVP was part of the historic 2008 team and was a staple of Phillies baseball for more than a decade. His leadership and dedication in addition to his overwhelming talent, make him one Philly’s most beloved athletes.