Eagles vs. Giants or Eagles vs. Cowboys? Which is the Bigger Rivalry?

As Eagles fans, when someone says Dallas or New York we instantly cringe with disgust. However, which team do we hate the most? Which rivalry takes the cake as the best Eagles rivalry? Here are some contentions to consider…


Eagles vs. Giants

Philadelphia and New York’s close proximity makes northern Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey a giant mix of Eagles and Giants fans, inducing great tension between these two organizations. It is undoubtable that this rivalry is filled with great moments: Westbrook’s punt return, the original Miracle at the Meadowlands, DeSean Jackson’s game winning punt return, there’s countless memories that seem to always favor the Eagles. The fact that the Eagles always seem to beat those damn Giants may make this rivalry special in Philadelphians’ minds, however, you also have to consider it on a grander scale. New York is always considered the big brother to big east coast cities like Philadelphia so being able to crush them on the gridiron is the ultimate bliss, but is that what constitutes a great rivalry? Don’t get me wrong, as an Eagles fan I love seeing Giants vs. Eagles on the schedule, but I feel like there is a lack of pure hate there.We hate the Giants, but we HATE the Cowboys.

Eagles vs. Dallas

Dallas Sucks. A phrase that has ingrained itself into Philadelphian culture just like “jawn” or “wooder”. Honestly, what makes this rivalry so great is how historically(and I re-emphasize historically) the Cowboys have been. How many Superbowls do you guys have? is something that has been ringing in Eagles fans’ ears since the beginning of this treasured competition and it fuels the fire of hate Philadelphia has towards Dallas. Whenever you see that navy star on the Eagles’ schedule you know you’re in for a treat. Additionally, the fact that there is a litter of Cowboys “fans” who have no connection to the city whatsoever living in Philadelphia makes this rivalry somewhat of an internal struggle.


Final Thoughts: Although both of these rivalries are iconic, I have to go with Giants vs. Eagles simply because of how close the all-time series is, the iconic moments, and the level of mutual hate between the two organizations.