The Eagles Stink

After a horrendous loss to the Cowboys at the Linc on Sunday Night Football, the Eagles should honestly be ashamed of themselves. They played a team in the Cowboys that has one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the lead and allowed 270 passing yards through the air. That is truly unacceptable. Granted, I know that injuries have plagued the Eagles’ secondary and overall roster with the losses of Darren Sproles, Rodney McLeod, Derek Barnett, Ronald Darby, and Lane Johnson to name a few, but still this Cowboys team was no tough opponent. This should’ve been a fairly easy in division win and yes, I know the Cowboys always play us well but the Eagles we’re the better team by a wide margin and therefore should win the game.

It really comes down to two things: incompetencies in the secondary and Wentz’s inaccuracy on big plays. I will start with Wentz because that wasn’t the biggest concern. There were multiple big play opportunities that were ruined because of Wentz’s poor judgment; first a terrible interception on the second offensive possession of the game and an inaccurate slant pass to Alshon that could’ve been a TD which would’ve changed the momentum of the game.

The second glaring issue is the secondary. Simply put, they’re riddled with injuries and the players that are actually able to play are just not talented. In addition, the defensive prevent schemes implemented by Jim Schwartz are hurting more than they are helping. I can’t count how many times we had 3rd and long and the Cowboys converted because of soft coverage.

If I had to poll Eagles fans on what word they would use to describe this team, I think most would say frustrating. Are we seriously going to fold like this? Is this how we’re going to follow our Super Bowl campaign? I’m simply disappointed and I think theĀ  Eagles’ locker room should feel the same way.