Joel Embiid or Carson Wentz? Who is the Face of the City?

When you think Philadelphia sports? Who do you think of? “The Second Coming” Carson Wentz or Joel “The Process” Embiid? Both are viable choices, but which one truly embodies the City of Brotherly Love. Here are the arguments for both:

Carson Wentz

He is the best player on the Eagles. The overwhelming favorite team in Philadelphia. So that should end the argument, right? Wrong. Although Carsy is a saint of a person who THREW A TOUCHDOWN ON A TORN ACL JUST TO GET A WIN FOR THIS CITY, his impact outside the city is not quite as appreciated. 

Joel Embiid

It really comes down to Embiid’s social media presence and cultural impact that not only transcends the city’s borders but also the sport of basketball itself.If you ask someone from outside of Philly who they think of when they think of Philadelphia sports, they will say Embiid 8/10 times. 

Winner: JoJo

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