Most Hated Rivals as a Philadelphia Sports Fan

If you grew up in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, what teams were you taught to hate the most? Which teams were you taught to despise with every fiber of your being? Here’s our list of those teams that you couldn’t/still can’t stand.

1.) New York Giants

They view us as our “big brother” yet they can never beat us. This NFC East rival defines what we as Philadelphians hate about life in general– arrogant, privileged, posh New Yorkers that think they deserve everything in the world. Yuck.

2.) Dallas Cowboys

Coming in at a close second, is the Dallas Cowgirls. “Dallas Sucks” has been a phrase engrained in our minds as Philadelphians for as long as we can remember. Similar to New York, the Cowboys are so arrogant to the point where they don’t, for some wild reason, need any validation as a franchise when they’ve only won two playoff games in over twenty years.

3.) Boston Celtics

The Boston vs. Philly rivalry is a fiery city rivalry that is only stoked by this old, bitter NBA skirmish. Celtics fans wave their 18 championship rings in Sixers’ fans faces as a middle finger to what they consider to be “second-class fans”.

4.) Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby. That is all.

5.) New York Mets

Although this rivalry has died down over recent years, the Mets were at one time one of Philadelphia sports fans’ biggest rivals. From David Wright to Jose Reyes, the Mets’ talented roster was always fighting with the Phils for the NL East division in the late 2000’s to early 2010’s, and this fiery hate still burns bright.