Uh Oh, The Eagles Made the Playoffs…

Memo to the NFC and the rest of the league– watch out.

Although this team has a beaten down secondary, a backup QB at the helm, and extensive injuries to their running back core, they willed their way into the NFL Playoffs and riding on an extreme high.

A lot of analysts investigate a team’s talent level, coaching personnel, and matchups when determining how far they will venture into the playoffs(as they should) but many discount the importance of momentum and a renewed team identity.

At one time this team was 4-6 and losing to the New York Giants, one of the worst teams in football, 19-3 with no identity and no drive to persevere. However, with the help of the stable course set by Doug Pederson, this team went 5-1 in their remaining six games and clinched themselves a playoff berth. How did this happen? The injuries were still there. The difficulty of their schedule was still there. What changed?

The Eagles regained their underdog, all-or-nothing mentality that they had been sorely lacking in the early stages of the season. They put on their ski masks and by changing their attitudes, ultimately transformed the trajectory of this team. I believe in this Eagles team, I really do.

Chicago better watch out cause they may have helped the wrong team get into the playoffs. Hungry. Dogs. Run. Faster.