Spider-Man: Far from Home Trailer Review

Marvel recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and the whole world is buzzing over it. The movie seems to be placed after the events of Infinity War considering the world seems to be fairly reconstructed and Spider-Man is alive(spoiler alert). As a HUGE Spider-Man fan, this trailer did enough to quench my desire for Spider-Man content, but there were some questionable choices in the film that could pay off or could make the viewer immensely confused. We will be discussing where the trailer really succeeded and where it may have missed the mark.

Good Things…

  • Spider-Man swinging in Grand Central station(He was only featured in Queens and Brooklyn in the first movie)
  • Happy saying “you’re all alone” to Peter on the private jet which may signal a possible death of Tony Stark
  • I liked the change of scenery to Europe(Venice and London) considering Spider-Man has historically be featured solely in New York City
  • The new suits including the webbed wings suit and his stealth suit which seems to pay homage to his Spider-Man Noire suit
  • Nick Fury appearance could subtly be hinting at Spider-Man becoming an official Avenger(which he turned down in Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Questionable Things…

  • Even though I love the character of Mysterio, him being portrayed as a hero in this trailer may be the wrong choice here and is kind of going down the Spider-Man 3 road with two villains(but It may just be a ploy that Marvel is pulling on us)
  • They seem to be rushing the MJ–Peter Parker relationship a little as seen in the trailer

Overall, Marvel seems to have another home-run movie which is essentially becoming routine for them. This movie comes out July 5th and we, as well as the entire MCU community, are really excited for it.