An Ode to Nick Foles

As the Eagles decide to not place their franchise tag on their Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles, and send him off into free agency, it is only right that here at Just the Phacts we give him the proper send-off he has earned.

Oh Nick, sweet St. Nick, you began your career as an Eagle, recording one of the most efficient single seasons by a quarterback in NFL history while tying the record for most touchdowns thrown in a game in 2013. The long flowing hair and bright smile was a glimpse into the charisma and character that would make you one of the most beloved athletes in Philadelphia history.

Unfortunately, you were traded away to St. Louis then to Kansas City under former Eagles coach Andy Reid and some no-name offensive coordinator named Doug Pederson. You struggled mightily in Kansas City and even considered quitting football all together, but you knew that, if given the chance, you could rekindle something great.

And you were given that chance when you came back to Philadelphia as a backup under Carson Wentz, always ready to step in when needed. In fact, you were needed in 2017 when in week 14 our beloved Carsy tore his ACL and you were thrown into the spotlight.

There was much skepticism surrounding you entering the starting lineup for a team that was poised to make a Super Bowl run with Wentz and some of those skeptics began to nod their heads when you struggled in the latter parts of the regular season. However, you never let doubt creep into your brain and showed the world why you carried the name BDN.

After dismantling Atlanta and Minnesota in the playoffs, the ultimate test came in Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 and we all know how that went. You called for “Philly Philly” and dethroned the Pats and even made Tom Brady run to the locker room and cry. The Foles magic was alive and well.

In 2018, After a subpar season with Carson at the helm, you stepped in to see if you could spark some more Foles magic. The Eagles “double-doinked” Chicago out of the playoffs and we came a finger lengths away from beating Drew Brees and the Saints.

Even after a rough ending you kept your head high and asked Philadelphia to do the same.

Thank you Nick for all that you’ve done for the Eagles and for the city of Philadelphia. You will never be forgotten.