Top 5 Pies Known to Man

3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510… okay I think you get the idea, it’s Pi Day. And in the most American way possible, instead of diving into how great this ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter has been to the mathematical world, we at JTP are going to discuss food.

Pie is a staple of American culture and has brought flocks of children to their grandma’s house simply by being put on an open window sill(okay that narrative might be a little exaggerated but you understand what we’re getting at) Overall, pie is as important to America as baseball and racism so we decide to rank our top five pies known to man.

5.) Blueberry Pie

To start off the list we went with one of the most visually pleasing pies in Blueberry. The mix of the sweet blueberries with the crisp crust is extremely underrated and we think deserves at least a five spot on our list.

4.) Key Lime Pie

This almost tropical pie comes in at number four on our list. The refreshing taste of the key lime combined with the rich whipped cream and hardy crust make packs an immense amount of flavor in every bite.

3.) Pecan Pie

A sleeper pie that not many people have high on their list is the Pecan Pie(is it peCON or peCAN?) This ambiguously named pie combines sweet with salty, one of the greatest duos in all of flavor, making it one of our top three pies.

2.) Pumpkin Pie

The Lou Gehrig of pies comes in at the runner up spot on our list. Although some may find its texture a little uneasy, pumpkin pie is a thanksgiving day essential and is one of the few pies that really connects you to a specific time period. Therefore, it deserves the number two spot on our list.

1.) Apple Pie

If Pumpkin Pie is the Lou Gehrig, Apple Pie is the Babe Ruth of pies. The sweet, glazed apples paired with the airy crust and with a little help from some vanilla ice cream, this pie instantly reminds you of home with every bite. Apple Pie is the undoubtable champion of the pie world.