The Ultimate Top Ten MCU Movies Ranking (No debate, sorry)

With Endgame looming, it is only right to make a definitive, non-debatable, completely accurate ranking of the top ten MCU movies to date. Enjoy.

10.) Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch was simply brilliant in this performance. He convincing performance as a former arrogant surgeon who lost his way after a terrible accident was extremely well done. The level of CGI in this film is not surprising considering its a Marvel movie but the way it was implemented is unparalleled. Plus, it’s Benedict freaking Cumberbatch– you knew this movie had to crack the top ten.

9.) Thor: Ragnarok

Director Taika Waititi did an amazing job resurrecting a consistently bad Thor movie franchise with this home run. The Guardians of the Galaxy-esque style not only gave us more hilarious entertainment but it also developed Bruce Banner/the Hulk as more of a relatable character, making it a top ten MCU movie.

8.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After a mediocre first Captain America film, The Winter Soldier did a great job of exposing the interesting plot line of S.H.I.E.L.D’s internal corruption instead of the typical MCU formula of some foreign enemy. This movie took big risks that paid off tremendously.

7.) Iron Man

The movie that essentially started it all(we don’t really count Incredible Hulk) is spectacular. This movie altered the entire genre of superhero movies and brought Robert Downey Jr. back into the spotlight after years of addiction. It is simply an iconic superhero movie that will always have a place in our top ten.

6.) Spider-Man: Homecoming

The re-introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU was a huge success. Tom Holland is my favorite Spider-Man and is a perfect representation not only age-wise but also personality-wise of what Spider-Man should be. In addition, Vulture was one of my favorite MCU villains(something they usually don’t execute well)

5.) Black Panther

This not only was a great superhero movie, but a great movie in general. The way it highlighted current social issues while still maintaining that classic Marvel movie feel was brilliantly done. Chadwick Boseman was phenomenal as T’Challa and I’m super excited to see how this character will be developed in future marvel movies. Wakanda forever.

4.) The Avengers

The most epic movie that had 6th grade Jack Lyons on the edge of his seat. This movie was so pivotal cause it was the first time the marvel franchises come together in one collaborative film. “That’s the thing Cap, I’m always angry” gives me chills as I’m writing it. The Avengers undoubtedly deserves a top five spot on this list.

3.) Avengers: Infinity War

The most recent installment of the Avengers franchise comes in at number three on our list. Infinity War was what every Marvel fan envisioned when they first saw Iron Man in 2008: the special effects, the character interaction, and the amazing job of Josh Brolin as Thanos really make this movie live up to the hype.

2.) Guardians of the Galaxy

A superhero movie unlike any other. When this movie was first announced people were like “who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?” yet Chris Pratt, James Gunn, and the remaining ensemble still managed to create an all-time classic. The integration of 80’s music/culture into the film was first of it’s kind and beautifully done. We are Groot.

1.) Captain America: Civil War

Coming in at the number one best MCU movie is Captain America: Civil War. There is little to nothing I can quibble about this movie. I thought the story and the plot structure was the best Marvel has to offer and they really really smacked this one out of the park.

What did you think of our list? Who cracks your top ten? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook accounts!

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