Beach vs. Lake? Which is the Better Summertime Getaway?

Bethany or Erie? Jersey Shore or Adirondacks? The old debate of beach vs lake has been continually argued by white suburban families for generations upon generations. Both have benefits and negatives but only one can reign supreme.


Pros-– Sunny skies, blue waters, and great times. The beach is more closely associated with the season of summer than possibly any other well, thing! You typically start your morning collecting all the deli meats and cheeses you can to stock up on as ingredients for the, eventually sand covered, sandwiches you will be eating later in the afternoon. Afterwards you grab your boogie boards and sand shovels and head down to the shore with the sun high in the sky and a smile on your face. You can hear the unmistakable sound of waves crashing as you dip your toes into the warm sand and make your way to the water. After your parents spend way too much time trying to set up your beach umbrella, you head down to the ocean and jump waves or stay back, tan and read a relaxing book. After a long day at the beach you return home for a healthy nap before night ascends. Simply nothing beats smelling the salty spray as you walk around the boardwalk eating Thrasher’s fries and recovering from the absolute number you did to your skin earlier that day. Their is a reason why people love the beach so much.

Cons— Sand…. everywhere. As you walk onto the scolding hot beach that is covered with sharp rocks, a crippling fear concerning the amount of urine and great white sharks in the ocean overcome you. After a day of essentially serving as a floating bobber in the ocean, you come back to your house to find piles of rocks and sand in that weird mesh thing that is in every boy’s bathing suit. The sun is too hot, the sand is too irritating, the ocean is nature’s toilet and it is simply not enjoyable.


Pros— The calmness and pristine of a lake juxtaposed with the capability to perform lots of exhilarating water sports make it a can’t miss potential vacation spot. The weather is, most of the time, perfect with the hot sun covered by the surrounding trees to create a lukewarm temperature. You can waterski, wakeboard, tube, or just relax and float. You’re also more likely to be able to conduct a successful fishing trip in the lake and bring it home to cook over a campfire and tell stories. In addition to the lake, there are usually plenty of other activities like going into town, hiking mountains, and just exploring the wilderness in general. Plus, there’s no risk of sharks or riptides. Lake is a versatile vacation spot that offers you everything you could ever want.

Cons— No calming ocean waves, no warm sand to put your feet in, no boardwalk. A lake can sometimes lack that communal fun atmosphere that a beach town always has. Don’t wear bug spray? Be prepared to be eaten alive by mosquitoes and hope that you don’t extract some kind of disease from the hoards of ticks in the area.

Final Judgement: Lake wins simply because of its versatility

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