If You Could Only Keep Ten Players on the Eagles, Who Would You Choose?

Valuable is an ambiguous term especially in the world of sports. Value is seen as something NFL teams look for but its hard to completely pin down considering awards like the NBA MVP are given to players purely based on statistics and not actual, definitive value.(I’ve said the word value way too much already)

With the spirit of value in mind(damn it), lets look at the uber talented Philadelphia Eagles and see what ten players we should keep if the league were to do a complete re-draft.

Carson Wentz QB

Was this even a question? “The Second Coming” Carson Wentz, the main who has singlehandedly rebuilt the reputation for gingers and FCS quarterbacks should be number one priority on this list. Although there have been some previous injury issues, the franchise has shown through their actions that they believe Carson is “the guy”. It’s hard to argue after sporting two back to back years with a QBR of 101.9 and 102.2, respectively. Also considering that quarterback is the most important position in football, it is a simply a no brainer to choose Wentz.

Lane Johnson OT

A 6 foot 6, 310 pound beast with nimble feet and great hands. After a scandal involving steroids earlier in his career, Lane has established himself as one of the best tackles in the NFL and is a vital piece of the protection of Carson Wentz. This 1st team All-Pro should have another spectacular season this upcoming season and should prove himself even more valuable for the Eagles. The second most important position in football is people who can protect the quarterback so we have to lock up Lane Johnson.

Fletcher Cox DT

Arguably the best interior lineman in the league besides Aaron Donald, Fletch has been wreaking havoc on quarterbacks since 2012. His 10.5 sacks last year led the Eagles and ranked top 20 in the NFL. As an anchor of the defense, his ability to apply pressure and get to the QB is extremely valuable in a modern pass first league.

Zach Ertz TE

The second best athlete in his family, Zach Ertz’s impact has been felt since he was drafted in 2013. The Eagles’ “safety valve”, evident in his 116 receptions last season, is a no-brainer to keep on this roster. He had over 1,000 yards receiving and eight TD’s, making him one of the most lethal tight ends and just overall receivers in the NFL. Carson’s favorite target has to remain part of the team.

Brandon Graham DE

Even though BG had a “down” year last season totaling only four sacks, he is another key part of the Eagles potent pass rush. The third most important position in football, in my opinion, is an edge rusher that can get to the quarterback, which is basically the definition of Brandon Graham.

Malcolm Jenkins S

The leader of the defense and an absolute punisher on the field, Malcolm Jenkins has been laying hits since he was traded to the Eagles from the New Orleans Saints in 2014. He may not be the flashiest player but this three time pro bowler compensates with his strong, veteran presence in the Eagles locker room.

Jason Kelce C

Although Kelce may be undersized for his position, he is undoubtedly one of the most athletic offensive linemen in the NFL which is evident in his ability to go out wide and block for running backs down the sideline. This two time pro bowler and two time 1st team All-Pro has established himself as probably the best center in the league.

Rasul Douglas CB

Rasul Douglas may not be one of the best overall players on the squad but cornerback is one of the more vital positions in football so picking him is a must. Over the past season he was by far the most consistent defender and tackler in the Eagles secondary, which was a particularly weak unit. Douglas may not be everyone’s number one option for a cornerback, but considering he’s the most reliable player right now, he has to be added to this list.

Alshon Jeffery WR

The leading receiver for the Birds and one of the team’s leaders/ most beloved players has to be on our list. Alshon is a big bodied receiver that can basically catch any pass that’s thrown to him(except against the Saints). In a pass first league, you need a guy like him who can lead by example on and off the field.

Brandon Brooks OG

Offensive line. Offensive line. Offensive line. The Eagles have one of, if not the best offensive line in the league and Brandon Brooks is another key member of that unit. Brooks had a very impactful year last year and only allowed one sack making him one of the most stout guards in the league.

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