Bryce Bomb Leads to Phillies Sweep Over the Cubs

As they saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words and similarly in baseball, one monstrous hit(of many) is worth $330 million. After the Phillies previous dry spell and with wild card hopes slowly fading, Bryce Harper(along with Charlie Manuel) have sparked a fire under this team.

The Phillies started this game, like they usually do, slow. Former Texas Ranger Yu Darvish was mowing the Phils down with 10 strikeouts in seven innings pitched and shut out a fairly potent Philadelphia hitting lineup. Drew Smyly, on the other hand, had another subpar performance allowing seven hits and five runs in five innings pitched.

Anthony Rizzo, a surprising leadoff selection for Joe Maddon, got things started with a solo homer in the third followed by an RBI double by Bote.

After yet another RBI by Anthony Rizzo and a bomb by Kyle Schwarber in the fifth, the Phils were in a 5-0 hole.

Finally after eight brutal innings, Roman Quinn ignited the Phillies bats with a double down the left field line in addition to a RBI single in the eight but the score still remained a ghastly 5-1 going into the ninth.

With rally caps on and the crowd cheering, a clutch single with runners on first and second by PH Brad Miller make it a 5-2 game. “Speedy” Roman Quinn continued the hitting streak with a RBI single to make it a 5-3 game and a HBP on Rhys loaded the bases for the $330 million dollar man, Bryce Harper.

With a 2-2 count on him, Bryce Harper digged his cleats into the ground as lefty Derek Holland went into his windup. A curveball on the inside didn’t break quite enough giving Harper the perfect opportunity to send the ball to Mars and sweep the Cubs 3-0.

The Phils will look to continue the Charlie Manuel hot streak against the Padres tonight at 7:05 at home.

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