Carson is Back: Why the Eagles Close Game Against the Redskins is a Sign of Future Success

At one point, the Eagles were down 17-0 to the Redskins? Although they came back to get the victory, shouldn’t Eagles’ fans be a little nervous that they barely defeated an at best mediocre Redskins team? The simple answer is No. Here’s why.

Carson Got Back in his Rhythm

Many questions surfaced this offseason on Carson’s health and how he will play without the shadow of Nick Foles casting over him. If this game is any indication, he has silenced every question and every rumor. Wentz’s 28/39 for 313 yards and 3 TD’s with a whopping 121.0 QBR showed that 2019 Carson and 2017 Carson may not be so distant after all.

His ease in the pocket looked like he had been playing NFL football all summer. I was utterly impressed with his performance considering the physical and mental obstacles he has encountered over the past two years.

DeSean Jackson is the Deep Threat the Eagles Desperately Needed

After a six relatively quiet years in Washington and Tampa Bay, it seems like D-Jax has popped in a franchise he is all too familiar with. Number 10 had eight receptions for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns and absolutely dominated his former team’s secondary to propel the Eagles to a crucial NFC East win.

Although I love the Eagles receiving core before the D-Jax acquisition, Jeffery is too big to be a true deep threat, Agholor still needs to work on his route running, and Ertz can beat linebackers but not speedy corners. Therefore, Jackson is a perfect fit as an explosive deep threat to really take the top off this offense.

The Eagles Can Spark Comebacks Even When They’re Favorites

Even though the Eagles were a heavy ten point favorite against the Skins, they fell into a 17-0 hole early in the game. In the past, the Eagles have shown an ability to shine in an underdog role— without any expectations or heavy pressure that comes with being the favorite, they’ve been able to thrive.

Now that people are looking on them to be a Super Bowl favorite, being able to adjust mid game and come back to win, what should’ve been, a manageable win shows a lot about the mentality of this Eagles team.

The Eagles’ next game is at Atlanta on Sunday Night Football. Go Birds.

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