Ben Simmons Made a Three… That is All: Why this Year is Different for The Process

Remember Ben Simmons? “No Jumper” Ben Simmons? “Shoot a Jumper, Coward” Ben Simmons? ” In today’s NBA the point guard position needs to have at least a reliable mid-range jump shot” Ben Simmons???

Well, THAT Ben Simmons is eradicated because ,yes, Ben Simmons made a three pointer. “The Shot Heard Around the World” occurred last Tuesday night as the Sixers faced the Guangzhou Loong Lions, a professional team from China.

Although the competition wasn’t the greatest, evident in the final score of 144-86, the seeds of what could possibly be a championship contender are there.

As the regular season rapidly approaches and with the Eagles not playing up to standards, the Sixers hype(at least for this writer) is off the charts. More than any other year, the Sixers have a chip on their shoulder with the Jimmy Butler deciding to leave in free agency and the shot that shall not be named.

I can feel the grit with this team. Joel Embiid, memed for crying after the Toronto lost. Al Horford, shamed for leaving his old team. Ben Simmons, called a coward for never shooting a three. Josh Richarson, traded away from a place he called home. As the great Jason Kelce once said, “It’s the whole team!”

Sure, there’s not a lot of bench depth or prolific three point shooting, but this Sixers team is great in their own way. They remind me of the late 80’s Pistons: long, athletic, tough, great perimeter and interior defense.

In a finesse-oriented league, maybe the NBA needs a little rough and tough to remind the league that basketball is a sport made for grown men.

What I like about the Sixers:

1.) Size

The Sixers have probably the longest and tallest lineup in the league as no one is below 6 foot 5 in their starting lineup which is a matchup nightmare for basically any opposing team in the NBA

2.) Defense

With the addition of Matisse Thybulle and Josh Richardson, the Sixers have one of the more stout perimeter defenses in the league. Throw in JoJo and Big Al to patrol the paint, the Sixers can basically cover every square foot of the floor. Also don’t forget about Ben Simmons’ elite defensive abilities.

3.) Star Power

The Sixers, if anything, have the star power required to win games, playoff series, and ultimately, championships. We have three all stars in the starting lineup and potential all-stars surrounding them. Stars win playoff series so expect the Sixers to follow suit.

What I don’t like about the Sixers:

1.) Lack of 3 Point Shooting

The Sixers still have failed to address their biggest flaw and it’s an important one, three point shooting. With the loss of J.J. Reddick to the Pelicans and lack of shooters attained in the draft, the Sixers are still lagging in probably the most important facet of the NBA which could potentially bite them in the butt come playoff time.

2.) Lack of Bench Depth

Even though I really like the acquisition of Trey Burke and a healthy Zhaire Smith , Brett Brown still has little to work with off the pine. How many guys on the Sixers bench could come in a contribute impactful minutes and put the game into their hands, probably zero.

Regardless, the Process is still alive and well in Philadelphia. I think I can speak for all Sixers fans when I say we are ready for basketball to return to the city of brotherly love.

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