The Jack and Jeff Show

EP 14– Just Jack (Jimmy G. Buckets, Eagles Suck, NBA Current HOFers, Cheez-Its vs. Goldfish)

EP 13– Just Jack (Quick Life Update, Eagles, Phils, Processing)

EP 12– Gottlieb Has Us Riled Up (Phillies, Eagles, Two Round J vs. J)

EP 11– Bellcalf Pod (Fantasy Sleepers, Busts, and MVP’s, Jack vs. Jeff Sports Rivalries)

EP 10– You’re Welcome (Expectations for Phils and Birds, NFL Over Unders, Jack vs. Jeff Sports Movies)

EP 9– The Power Pod (Sucks Juul) Ft. A new addition to the team…

EP 8– Kawhi to the Sixers, Jack vs Jeff (Pixar), Philly free agency woes, and more…

EP 7– NFL Preview 2018-2019 (Just Jack)

EP 6– ESPY Predictions, Songs of the Summer, Home Run Derby (Explicit)

EP 5– MLB All-Star Game, NBA Free Agency Mt. Rushmore (Explicit)

EP 4– Interview with Harry Mayes of 97.5 “The Fanatic” Ft. Jake Brown

EP 3– NFL Preview 2017-2018 (Just Jeff)

EP 2– Fantasy Football Preview (Summer 2016)

EP 1– Interview with Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe (Summer 2016)