Nicky Franchise: Can the Eagles persevere without Carson Wentz?

This past Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles clashed against the Los Angeles Rams in a critical late-season matchup. Even though the Eagles claimed victory, there was one fatal casualty; Carson Wentz–the Messiah, the Wentz Wagon, Wentzylvania— went down with a devastating left ACL tear that many consider the end to the Eagles’s superbowl hopes. Wentz ,up until his injury, was having an MVP type of season, throwing for 33 TD’s(a franchise record) to only seven interceptions. Therefore, it is easy to see why Philadelphia sports fans are completely heartbroken. But, in this writer’s opinion, Eagles nation should have faith.


With this pivotal injury to the Eagles’s lineup, Nick Foles steps into the starting rotation. Although Foles has a lot of experience as a starter, leading the Eagles to a playoff berth in 2013, many doubt his ability to replicate the production Wentz had when he was on the gridiron. However, Foles did produce a 27 touchdown 2 interception season in 2013, even throwing seven touchdowns in a single game. With this in mind, Eagles’s fans should have hope, hope for a playoff run, maybe not a superbowl trophy, but at least a playoff run.


Hopefully, with Wentz and the Eagles offense healthy in 2018, the birds should be poised for a Lombardi trophy. Trust the process Philadelphia; our time will come.